Drone Cameras take wedding photography to new statures in Hyderabad

However, while the trend is yet to pick up in Hyderabad, most photographers in Andra appear to be shooting drone photography without obtaning prior Drone photography has caught the attention of couples in the city. Nearly 60 wedding photographers have drone equipment in Andra. Drone photography and videography comes as a package for a wedding shoot, which ranges between Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 6 lakh, said a wedding photographer mithun, who didn’t want to be quoted. The drone itself costs anywhere between Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 3.5 lakh, clearly implying that those lensmen taking to drone photography are making a killing. He said, “Drone cameras are used not only for weddings and receptions, but also in pre and post-wedding shoots. Andra’s beaches offer a picturesque view and couples want the best images and drone cameras give them a different view. Another photographer said, “Many people now have a good knowledge about cameras as they will be using it for their hobbies. So many are very particular about the equipment we use for the weddings. Aerial shots along the beach and also during sangeet ceremony are mostly taken by the drone cameras. Some of the junior cinematographers and lightsmen from the film industry are also coming to the city to take wedding photographs to make quick bucks. Some of the drones not only provide aerial shots, but also video in slow motion, which adds a magical touch. We had seen a friend’s wedding album from Mumbai and Delhi in which they had used drone cameras for some of the photographs.

Chennai Wedding Photographer seeks most romantic couple in Kerala

A Chennai based wedding photographer has launched a search to find Kerala’s most romantic couple.

Mithun Dev, owner of Zcodia Technologies and Studios Photography, is looking for romantic stories from local couples, and the winners will enjoy a prize worth more than 20K.

Mithun said: “Being a best wedding photographer for over 3.5 years means I’ve met some lovely couples with fascinating stories. I love hearing about how they met, where they went on their first date, and if they’re married, how they got engaged and their fondest memories of their wedding day.

I decided to launch a competition to track down the most romantic couple in Kerala because I know there are so many sweet stories out there, and it will be a great Valentine’s surprise for them, as I’ll be picking the winner on Valentine’s Day.


Pre Wedding Shoot


If you think your partner is really romantic, then please do get in touch with an simple story about why they deserve this prize. It doesn’t have to be about flashy gifts or dramatic declarations of love, because romance means very different things to different peoples. If your husband or wife makes you a cup of tea every weekend morning without fail, then that’s a small but meaningful act which shows romance isn’t dead.

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Kerala Wedding Photography by Mithun Dev

Get The Perfect Valentine’s Day Photos ~ 6 Tips From a Wedding Photographer

Valentine’s Day is here! Who better to give tips about getting the perfect Valentine’s Day (or night) photos than Nikon-ambassador and world renowned wedding photographer, Zcodia Studios Photography..

Whether you are having a quiet night at home or a night out on the town, Cliff has tips to help you capture your Valentine’s memories in the best way possible.

Valentines Day


Mithun Dev suggests: (1) Use a real camera: As soon as the sun (or the lights) goes down, so does the quality of a smartphone. Use a real DSLR camera for sharper, high-resolution even in low light.  In this case, bigger really is better.

(2) Set the right mood: Try to maintain the ambiance of the environment. If you’re using flash, adjust the shutter speed on your camera to be slower to control the effect of the natural light in an image. A longer shutter speed allows more ambient light in. This can help maintain warmth and mood in the photo.

(3) Posing is important: When photographing a loved one, find a flattering angle. A woman looks best if you’re above her with something other than a wide angle lens. That’s why so many selfies are taken looking up! Don’t be afraid to lose someone in interesting light with some shadows. A photo doesn’t need to be overlit, and shadows are ok in the right places.  This can lend an air of mystery and romance to your photos as well!

(4) Make your Valentine look their best one: The slightest adjustment of where you focus can really enhance an image –  for example, focus on their eyes for the greatest connection. Be patient. Take more than a few frames so  you can see a sequence to give variety and don’t be afraid to move around.

(5) More light is not always better light: If you’re eating dinner either at home or at a restaurant, you can use a few candles to create a romantic lighting schematic to give a warm, moody feel.

(6) Emphasize your subject: For a blurred, professional looking background, create depth of field. When capturing a loved one, get close to your subject and keep your subject away from her background. The closer you are to your subject and the further he or she is from the background, the more blur you can get in the background giving your photos a more professional look and really emphasizing your love!

Pre-wedding photograph shoots are must for Chennai city couples

Zcodia Studios™ – Couples who are about to tie a knot this wedding season are busy planning their dream wedding. And the one thing that is ‘must’ on every couple’s check-list is pre-wedding photograph shoots. “The trend of pre-wedding photography has spread like wildfire in Nashik. And why not, in the era where good photos determine your social image, it’s bound to happen,” says Milind Deshmukh, a city-based photographer.


10 Amazing Locations Around the World to Take Pre-Wedding Photographs This Winter

Pre-wedding photography is getting more popular nowadays as most couples want to spend their wedding day taking care of their guests instead of spending their time posing for photographs with a wedding photographer. Couples will now book their pre-wedding photographer months before their wedding to take a series of intimate wedding photos that will often also be displayed during their big wedding day.

Modelling Photo Shoot in Chennai

Zcodia Studios has been named a top wedding photographers in Chennai and Tirupur in the area by Wedding Wire, a global online marketplace for the Product and event industry, also we shoot modelling, fashion films, photo shoots, events and fashion shows from around the Chennai, India

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Best Wedding Photography in Chennai & Bangalore

The Best Wedding Photos of 2016 Are Here  Chennai — And They’re Stunning !!

Looking at wedding photos all day is practically our job here at BRIDES, so when Zcodia Photography Weddings released its ‘Elite Wedding Photography‘ collection, we knew we had to take a peek. And by “peek,” we mean become so entranced in the stunning photos that time and space become obsolete. No, seriously!

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